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Food for your thought.

All the experiences, discussions, ideas, and collaborations over the past years have led to five books authored by our founder, Rob Adams, by now. And we are proud of that.

These books each provide a surprising perspective on subjects such as creativity, innovation and innovators, long-term thinking, and structured exploration & learning.

Six Fingers Return on learning voorkant
Six Fingers Return on learning achterkant

Return on learning

Return on Learning is released in June 2023. The book introduces Return on Learning (ROL) as a management tool alongside ROI. ROL focuses on achieving high learning curves in domains that can significantly impact the future of organizations and governments. The goal is to ensure long-term thinking by breaking the cycle of short-term thinking.

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Six Fingers Versus voorkant
Six Fingers Versus achterkant


Rob Adams’ fourth book, “Versus,” has been widely sold and has now been translated into English and Spanish. “Versus” is about innovation and how to shape it. It explores how, alongside your organization’s existing focus on execution, you can achieve innovation. “Versus” is based on Rob’s numerous discussions with startups and multinational corporations, from the Netherlands to Silicon Valley.

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Six Fingers No Ego voorkant
Six Fingers No Ego achterkant

No Ego

“No Ego” is about unsung heroes who changed the world and what we can learn from them. Have you ever heard of Darwin, Gandhi, Kennedy, or Jesus? There’s a good chance you have. Have you ever heard of Claudette Colvin, Chico Mendes, Hypatia, or Kurt Zemisch? There’s a good chance you haven’t. Yet, they also changed the world. This book introduces you to many unknown individuals who pursued their dreams in their own unique way and changed the world. It explores their characteristics and what you can learn from them.

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Six Fingers Cheat! voorkant
Six Fingers Cheat! achterkant


“Cheat!” is about differentiating yourself by innovating outside your industry. Average performance won’t win you the game. That’s why differentiation is crucial. Too often, we look at our immediate surroundings and competitors for this. The more we focus on them, the more we start to resemble them. And that’s precisely not the intention. If you want to be distinctive, you have no choice but to innovate. Branchmarking stands for smartly applying best practices from unrelated industries within your own organization to become distinctive and stay that way.

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Six Fingers Branchmarking voorkant
Six Fingers Branchmarking achterkant


This book aims to inspire you. ‘Branchmarking’ is about differentiation, looking at your world differently, and learning from related worlds.

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