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Branchmarking: Creating by learning from pioneers in other sectors.

Have you ever found that traditional brainstorming techniques fail to stimulate creativity adequately? Lots of sticky notes but not enough new insights and ideas?

We firmly believe that somebody somewhere solved your problem for different reasons under different circumstances. Therefore, a solution in one sector can be of great value to another. That’s why we’ve developed Branchmarking, a method for thinking and working with cross-sectoral insights. By learning from pioneers in other industries, you bring crucial new insights in your organization. Systematically learning from insights in other industries breaks open the brain of your organization and reveals previously hidden solutions.


Branchmarking is the structured method of solving specific problems by translating and applying solutions from unrelated industries, resulting in innovation within a specific sector. By seeking solutions from unrelated industries that have been developed for similar situations, you bring structure to a process that would otherwise rely on the creativity of individuals.

Branchmarking directly applies to marketing challenges and product and service innovation through a fast and pragmatic project.

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