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Pure oxygen for your organization.

Six Fingers delivers groundbreaking presentations with a clear message. Whether on a large stage or in a smaller setting, both domestically and internationally, we never shy away from expressing our ideas and beliefs. With our expertise palpable in every story, we creatively and surprisingly inspire our audience to think and act differently.

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Rob Adams

Keynote on renewal, strategy, innovation, and Return on Learning.

Rob is a highly sought-after international speaker. He shares his insights on working with complex strategy and innovation challenges through his books and keynote speeches at events both at home and abroad, consistently receiving high ratings.

His story takes you on a journey to understand the obstacles to truly future-oriented actions and how to overcome them. Through his keynotes, he provides crucial insights into renewal and examples of how organizations worldwide are building the future.

A keynote by Rob is like a journey around the world. One thing is certain: his story will challenge your audience and bring them crucial insights.

You can find more information about Rob Adams and his keynotes at

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Bart van Leeuwen

Keynote on technology and the future

Bart is passionate about technology and its practical application. He strives to make complex technology accessible and applicable to a broad audience.

His story takes you through crucial technological developments in the present and future. You will learn to understand new technologies and see how they influence everyday aspects of society, from work and communication to experiences.

A keynote by Bart is like a journey into the future. One thing is certain: his story will inspire your audience and motivate them to harness technology for everyday tasks.

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