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Questions pave the way toward the future.

Six Fingers operates on current themes of thinking and doing in very diverse sectors. Think of construction, education, commemorating freedom, the internet, mobility, and food. Topics that are also interconnected and will determine the future.

We always look at what is possible. We often get asked why we are optimists. The world seems to be locked down, and complex issues are holding each other in a stranglehold. Many systems are completely stuck, just look at education, healthcare, the energy transition, and housing construction. Of course, we see that too. However, we believe in and understand the power of asking new questions to explore the future from diverse perspectives. This belief leads us to develop concrete, applicable, and future-oriented strategies and innovations.


How can we comprehend the explosive increase in data and technology?

Technology is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and an endless reservoir of new applications. Six Fingers has ideas about the questions that arise with new data and technology.

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How will we learn in the future?

Education is the key to a world with more opportunities and equal chances for everyone. Six Fingers collaborates on improving the quality of education and creating a more effective education system.

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How do we transition to the sustainable energy system of the future?

The consequences of global warming are no longer deniable. We see the impact worldwide: drought, wildfires, and floods are no longer exceptions.

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How do different generations view the world now and later?

The way we as individuals view the world is largely shaped by the environment we grew up in. Our differences in views become visible through generational gaps, especially in polarising times when we need to keep understanding each other.

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Babyboomers (1946 – 1964)

Babyboomers (1946 – 1964)

In the aftermath of World War II, the world witnessed a remarkable demographic shift, the birth of the baby boomers. This generation, born between 1946 and 1964, is known for their idealism, optimism, and desire for change. They grew up in an era of social and cultural revolutions, such as the struggle for civil rights and the anti-war movement. For many of them, the pursuit of freedom, equality, and personal growth is central to their lives.

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How will we commemorate World War II on May 4th and 5th in the future?

The past as inspiration for the future. Six Fingers questions the norm and value of memories and remembering and tries to give them new forms and meaning.

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Can mobility improve livability in cities?

The spaces in which we are free to move are limited. That's why we are increasingly coming to a standstill. Six Fingers is exploring whether and how mobility can contribute to a better quality of (together) life in cities.

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What does the world of food look like in 2033?

So many people, so many tastes. How can we responsibly continue to serve sufficient high-quality food? Six Fingers has ideas about the much-needed innovation of our food supply.

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How do we build and live in the future?

The Netherlands faces a significant housing shortage while the population rapidly grows towards 20 million. Six Fingers explores how people can and what to live together in the future (not limited to concrete and bricks).

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How can we maintain dignified and affordable healthcare?

We are growing older by the day, which significantly impacts our society and healthcare system. Ideally, we would like to continue living at home for as long as possible, but the need for healthcare is inevitable. Additionally, we are increasingly measuring various aspects of our own health, which can lead to mental uncertainties.

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If you have answers, you possess knowledge.
If you ask the right questions, you possess intelligence.


Six Fingers delivers groundbreaking presentations with a clear message. Whether on a large stage or in a smaller setting, both domestically and internationally, we never shy away from expressing our ideas and beliefs. With our expertise palpable in every story, we creatively and surprisingly inspire our audience to think and act differently.

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Challenge us.
Ask a question.