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The spaces in which we are free to move are limited. That's why we are increasingly coming to a standstill. Six Fingers is exploring whether and how mobility can contribute to a better quality of (together) life in cities.

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Can mobility improve livability in cities?

The time we live in offers the opportunity to return to the drawing board and rethink livable cities. As a society, we seem to be on a mission to make systems as efficient as possible. But the question of whether those systems actually contribute to our well-being and happiness needs to be asked more according to us.

In the current design, the system’s efficiency and, as a derivative, urban planning for cars are central. It seems as if cities are made for cars, not for people. Smart cities have dominated the past decade. We use technology as a goal rather than a means, with the system’s efficiency as the outcome.

Consciously or unconsciously, we view mobility through an efficiency lens. Challenging this is vital for innovation.

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Dutch Design Foundation

The Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) offers designers opportunities, support, publicity and a platform. The DDF annually organizes the Dutch Design Week, a world renowned design event in Eindhoven. The past 5 years we have been curator of the Embassy of Urban Mobility, a platform for a network of partners who are looking with a new perspective to cities. Not from an efficiency point of view, but from happiness. The goal? Developing new perspectives and concrete solutions for mobility in cities.

The services applied in this project are systems analysis, trend research, and vision and strategy development.


PON Automotive

Which new ways of mobility are going to arise in a world where sharing is more common? A world in which possession is not a necessity? And alternative forms, besides a car, are considered more normal than ever? Which nieuw values are going to arise regarding mobility? What does this mean voor buying and leasing a car? And how can a big company like PON Automotive prepare for this? New questions that provide new perspectives.

The service applied in this project is value innovation.