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So many people, so many tastes. How can we responsibly continue to serve sufficient high-quality food? Six Fingers has ideas about the much-needed innovation of our food supply.

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What does the world of food look like in 2033?

The importance of food does not need to be explained. It is a necessity and, at the same time, a source of pleasure and social gathering.

After the Second World War, many countries proclaimed, “We will never know hunger again.” Pursuing this idea has led to a one-sided view of food production and extreme efficiency. It was a significant gain back then, but if we don’t change this perspective, it will be a significant loss in the future. With a growing global population, more agricultural land is required, and livestock demands more food and water. However, there is an increasing scarcity of these resources.

How do we change consumer preferences? What new forms of agriculture are conceivable? What will the landscape look like in ten years from now? What role can packaging play in extending product usage? Are new forms of food imaginable?

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Driscoll’s is leading worldwide when it comes to strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Working closely with and from their headquarters in Watsonville California, we explore and shape the consumer world of 2032. Trends are being signaled and data is being analysed. What happens in the world? What thrives consumers and how do needs change? Which social themes dominate the world in 10 years time? And mainly: how can Driscoll’s keep playing a relevant role? A perfect example of how you can use strategic foresight for the future of your organization.

The services applied in this project are strategic foresight and trend research.


RKW Group

A completely different issue in relation to food. Which role can en will the package play in preserving food? How can packaging help prevent waste? How can new applications help to sort and reuse plastic better? Together with the German RKW Group, a big company in the plastic packaging industry, we discover the future and possibilities that plastic offers. In which sustainability is not a goal, but a given.

The service applied in this project is value innovation.


Hilton Foods / Ahold

In collaboration with Hilton Foods and Ahold, the world of meat, vegetarian and vegan has been explored. How will consumer preferences change? How can a traditionally thinking category like meat develop and bring new values ​​that fit the zeitgeist of the future? And what innovations can be imagined?  An intense expedition full of new insights and dilemma’s. With experiments to learn how to actually bring the future closer.

The service applied in this project is value innovation.