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18 April 2024 • Reading time 2-3 minuten

Why does the word “non-judgmental” not exist?

Non-judgmental. A word not recognized by Word. And Van Dale returns the result ‘No result for non-judgmental. The word is misspelled or it is not in the free dictionary.’

Isn’t it strange that judgment exists but non-judgmental does not? As if making a judgment has a right to exist and collecting non-judgmentally does not. Isn’t the problem that situations are already considered with assumptions, standards, and whatnot, causing crucial insights to be unseen, unheard, and uncollected?

To properly consider complex situations, it is necessary to collect viewpoints non-judgmentally, to obtain and explore a diversity of perspectives by being open rather than by testing. Unfortunately, non-judgmental is not a starting point in many studies and (political) jobs. Being able to quickly judge (or misjudge) is.

Can’t non-judgmental be added to the Dutch lexicon? And subsequently be applied as well? Who knows what it will bring, I think a lot. And yes, it is my judgment that non-judgmental should also be a word.

Author: Rob Adams

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