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The silent generation (1928 – 1945)

The Silent Generation, born between 1928 and 1945, often remains an underrepresented group in a world where Millennials and Gen Z frequently take the spotlight. They are the generation who were children or teenagers during the time of World War II. They have had an undeniable influence on our society.

The Silent Generation grew up during the era of reconstruction and pillarization, and they have a strong sense of collectivity. Their distinctive values of hard work, frugality, and dedication to family were shaped during a period marked by global conflicts and economic uncertainty. Their opinions and behaviors were molded by the norms and values they inherited from their homes.

They are known for their modesty, sense of duty, and the ability to be content with little. These traits are often seen as contradictory to today's culture of abundance and self-expression.

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20 June 2024

The Silent Generation

Author: Luuk Huijsmans
With freshly bought apple pies and a can of whipped cream under our arms, we are on our way to the Zonnehof care facility in Tilburg. It’s time for a good conversation over a cup of coffee with the ‘silent generation.’

The silent generation was born between 1928 and 1945. Today, they are between 79 and 96 years old. They grew up during or just after the Second World War and experienced the complex reconstruction of the Netherlands—a period in which they dutifully did what was necessary. In order to build toward a brighter future, hard work was required. Many did not experience any form of luxury or wealth, yet there was no complaining. In contrast to the silent generation, the Baby Boomer generation is otherwise known as the protest generation. The contrast between these two generations’ peaceful and protesting natures led to the name ‘the silent generation.’

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